Buyers And Sellers Turn To JZRM For Foodservice Financial Lifeline

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Rockland County based JZRM Reports has emerged as a knight in shining armor for the foodservice industry. JZRM was launched in 2012, by a team of seasoned financial, collection, and foodservice professionals led by Randy Sarf.

Randy Sarf

Essentially, JZRM is a foodservice financial consulting firm, however it provides a number of much needed and specialized services. The company possesses a critical understanding of credit-based arrangements coupled with a knack for collections. Combine that knowledge and skill set with years of experience in the foodservice industry, and it makes sense that their clients are quite confident depending on them. 

JZRM Reports offers a variety of consulting services, including credit advisement. Many of JZRM’s clients are vendors and distributors, so the fact that they have the foresight to spot issues within restaurants before they surface is a huge asset. Prudence and vigilance allows JZRM to alert and protect their vendor clients. “From what I’ve learned, the value of this information is very important to a distributor,” Sarf, JZRM’s President and CEO, explained.

In addition, JZRM Reports keeps their clients informed on the intel that’s most relevant to them through a newsletter. The newsletters include information such as major openings and closings, chapter 11 filings, and perhaps most importantly, which businesses are experiencing challenges paying their bills, which is invaluable to vendors.

Sarf and his firm are adept at proactively and proficiently protecting their clients. However, should a problem arise JZRM Reports is prepared to act. The earliest inception of the company focused strictly on collections, and JZRM continues to get their clients the money they’re owed from other businesses. “Food distributors operate and extend credit expecting to have bad debt to write off. It doesn’t need to be that way if they are selective with extending credit and managing it strategically. We can help them do that, but if issues do come up, we’re ready to help them collect,” said Sarf. JZRM advises vendors to be more selective in extending credit, and take action at the first signs of trouble. The firm tracks businesses that are having issues paying their bills and reports that intelligence to their clients, which allows them to recover funds before a restaurant files for bankruptcy.

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JZRM Reports is also equipped to help restaurants. Sarf and his team have the knowledge and understanding to help restaurants avoid catastrophes. There are a variety of steps a restaurant can take to avoid taking on too much debt, and eventually closing. For example, JZRM suggests restaurants carefully manage their inventories, scale down staff, and implement cost-effective purchasing. Also, payroll management is crucial. Should a restaurant find itself in financial distress, JZRM is able to help them strategize and move forward. “JZRM Reports is affiliated with some lenders who work specifically with restaurants, and can help them out of a rut when necessary. We can assist with funding, and can also help restaurants to negotiate and manage their debts,” Sarf stated.

Experts on credit, JZRM Reports helps their clients to set up and maintain sustainable and profitable business relationships. Sarf’s extensive experience in the foodservice industry along with his keen understanding of the finances involved allows him to offer vendors and operators confidence and security. “It’s never too early, and it’s never too late to implement the services that we offer,” said Sarf.

JZRM Reports offers a free no-obligation consultation to new clients. “We have built our business by helping food distributors connect with new restaurants to create a win-win for both buyer and seller,” Sarf said.

To learn more about JZRM Reports, visit their website.