Bulletproof’s Austin Publicover Helps NYC Restaurants With Food Safety

We always look at our local health inspector as the dreaded judge of your restaurant’s cleanliness. For some, it is intimidating for others it is a welcomed experience. With the help of Bulletproof! Food Safety you can prepare yourself mentally and physically for your next health inspection with Austin Publicover.

Bulletproof’s Austin Publicover

Publicover’s interest in food safety started in college in his Biology and Food Science courses. After running his own HVAC business in Tuscon, AZ, Publicover moved to NYC to follow his passion for food safety while applying his tradesman skills. He started his food safety career at Danny Meyer’s Hospitality Group where he did everything from liquor licenses to mock inspections. Publicover spent six years working with the teams at the Gramercy Tavern, MoMa, The Whitney, Blue Smoke and had the pleasure of working with the most amazing people in hospitality! After six years Publicover ventured on his own and started Bulletproof! Food Safety.

Bulletproof does everything from ensuring FDA, NYC DOH, NYS Agriculture & Markets which is done via mock inspections in food workers training along with HACCP, HARPC plans, and regulatory guidance. Publicover even handles plan reviews for designers and architects to assist in making straightforward and practical layouts. “Most clients come to us for mock inspections. It’s good to have that second set of eyes and to be able to trust the person you’re bringing behind the scenes of your operation and to be able to rely on solid answers. No one wants to be the next Chipotle or Jeni’s Ice Cream, and it’s people like me that find the solutions to undetected problems,” said Publicover.

Bulletproof provides operators with a simple and easygoing process. For Publicover it all starts with communication, talk to the clients about needs and future plans. Followed by agreeing on a deliverable and then get to work! Publicover works to find a solution to unlock the restaurants greater potential. “It’s only food Safety, but when you’re making a living in food, there’s a lot to safeguard, there’s a lot to get right,” said Publicover!

It is very refreshing to see someone so focused on helping people succeed. Publicover gives us his top three concerns when it comes to food safety, so pay attention. The things that Publicover wants to warn you about are food handling, proper sanitation, and proper cooling. The most important thing Publicover wants you to focus on is CLEANING! It may be the obvious thing but Publicover believes that there is something fundamentally wrong with training when it comes to cleaning. “Seems to be that it’s always the lowest-paid people doing the cleaning & sanitation work, and upper management seldom instructs or follows up. None of us are born knowing how to clean an ice machine or a floor drain, so how can we simply expect amazing results without investing in training? One of my favorite things to do is to take the mystery out of a task and show someone how to do it right,” said Publicover.

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Publicover has worked with a wide variety of restaurants, mostly high-end establishments but is also there for the single owner/operator. Publicover has worked with restaurants like Markus Glocker’s Bâtard, Rainer Becker’s Zuma, and Claus Meyer’s Agern. So aside from being immensely popular and successful restaurants what do these restaurants have in common? Publicover tells us that it is all about teamwork. “The importance of teamwork cannot be overstated, and positive reinforcement really does motivate team members to do their best,” said Publicover. If you connect awareness to teamwork to a well-instructed team you will be successful, well at least in terms of food safety. It takes a well-managed operation, where everyone has a stake in the outcome of complying with DOH, serving quality food safely, and making each and every patron a happy customer to be truly successful. As I am sure you know there is a lot of work that goes into a restaurant, something can get forgotten and can be business killers.” 

If you are an operator and want to make sure that your restaurant is reaching its full potential, call Austin or email Austin@BulletproofFoodNYC.com. Let Austin guide and train your staff for a cleaner, legal and most importantly safe kitchen. To learn more about Bulletproof! Food Safety, visit their website.