Brunch Boys Details Process With Behind the Foodie

It’s difficult to ignore the drool-inducing food photos flooding our Instagram feeds. But who are the masterminds behind these viral accounts? Elliot Productions, a division of The Elliot Group and creators of True Treps, is highlighting the foodies influencing this billion-dollar industry through social media in a new series called Behind The Foodie.

In the first episode of Behind The Foodie, we meet Jeremy Jacobowitz, the creator of Brunch Boys (@BrunchBoys). Jacobowitz, a former television producer, was in between jobs when he started his account. Looking for something new to experiment with, he decided to take photos and videos of his brunch meals. Today, Brunch Boys has 448,000+ followers on Instagram and counting.

For the last two and a half years, building the @BrunchBoys brand has been Jeremy’s full-time job. However, this doesn’t mean he spends his days eating. “I think one big misconception people have is that I just eat for a living. This is a 24/7 job. (The) smallest part of what I do is when I eat,” Jeremy says.

Although there is an overabundance of food accounts, Jeremy is committed to making @BrunchBoys stand out from the rest. Jeremy explains, “There’s 10 billion accounts out there. I need people to follow me… I want to make sure I’m different in everything I do.”

For over thirty years, The Elliot Group has remained the nation’s leading retained executive search and strategic consulting firm to the food service, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail industries. Given The Elliot Group’s leadership role in various industries,  they have always been committed and on the leading edge of sharing the stories of many of today’s positive activists and innovators.

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Under the direction of former television news producer Eric HerbstBehind The Foodie is a new video series from the Elliot Productions team, in collaboration with Charlie Chalkin Productions. Elliot Productions is the creator of True Treps, a series that documents the entrepreneurs who are making an indelible impact on our industry.