Brooklyn Based Caremometer Truly Cares About Your Safety


It may not be your number one concern, even though it should be. Brooklyn-based Anna and Bill Gorman have created a minimalist way to prevent cross contamination with your thermometer.

Whether you are cooking in a commercial kitchen or cooking up something for your family food safety should always be on your mind. These numbers may surprise you but according to the CDC each year 48 million people get sick from foodborne illness, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die! Needless to say, we need to accept the importance of food Caremometersafety everywhere food is served! From the biggest names in the game like Guy Fieri to a backyard bbq, Caremometer is an ingenious simplistic solution to food born illness. Caremometer is the world’s first easy-open thermometer case.

Caremometer’s inventor is Anna Gorman, a Jewish refugee from Ukraine. Anna has a bachelor degree in electrical engineering but has always had a passion for the food service industry. After attending NYC Technical College for Hospitality Management, after graduating Anna worke d as a Food Service Manager of NY Board Of Education and Beth Israel Hospital for 15 years. During her time at Beth Israel Anna observed cooks and the potential contaminate that can get crusted in their pocket thermometers.

It was a light bulb moment when Anna realized that the thermometer would be instantly contaminated if the chef doesn’t sanitize his probe. This was a major red flag for Anna because it jeopardized children’s and patients with weak immune systems. The idea came instantly to Anna, there needs to be a way to fully sterilize the thermometer’s case. It was a simple solution; Anna decided to design a thermometer probe that could simply be opened so it could be properly cleaned. After a strenuous battle to get the patent, the back and forth with her manufacturers, Anna got her patent in and began manufacturing.

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Caremometer has received an incredible response from industry professionals and homeowners. It’s an innovative design that lets any user simply open the casing after it’s been used, put in the dishwasher and presto it’s sterilized. This simple little product inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria, such as the fatal neurotoxin-producing Clostridium botulinum. Along with helping prevent cross-contamination and creating a simplistic way to sterilize your thermometer. Caremometer is one of those products that personify innovation.

Caremometer comes with an innovative easy open probe and a free digital thermometer all for $19.99 that will protect you from contamination. You can find Caremometer on Amazon and at Walmart online. Caremometer is also available directly from their website.