Giusti Led Brigaid Is All Set To Bring CT Recipe For Success To NYC Schools

Brigaid’s new menu is filled with wholesome options

Followed by its phenomenal success in the State of Connecticut, Brigaid is now coming to New York City. In this regard, the New York City Public Schools have proudly announced that they are forging a new and historic partnership with the legendary Chef Dan Giusti and his renowned company called Brigaid.

BrigaidThis Brigaid of Seasoned Chefs led by Dan will be bringing exciting new recipes for success to these NYC Schools and will transform the way students eat. Moreover, these chefs have already transformed New London Public Schools (NLPS) and have left a mark on the Connecticut’s public schools with their amazing skills and healthy recipes.

“Brigaid’s model is fueled by the belief that students deserve real, wholesome food, cooked with care and passion by chefs whose dedication is all encompassing,” said Chef Dan Giusti, the Founder of Brigaid, while introducing the new company. “Our role goes beyond simply preparing school meals and Brigaid chefs are motivated to develop meaningful relationships with teachers, administrators, and the community to change the way people think about food and the act of eating,” Giusti added.

Brigaid’s Chef Dan Giusti

Dan Giusti is a seasoned Chef and former head chef of Noma in Copenhagen. He founded Brigaid in 2016 as a group of chefs rethinking what it means to feed people. The group recruits professionally trained chefs to lead school kitchens full-time with the goal of cooking delicious food from scratch. Moreover, the meals prepared by these chefs is high quality and rich in nutritional value but also affordable to meet the strict budgetary requirements set by the National School Lunch Program as well as Brigaid’s own standards of quality.

In addition, Brigaid has been already operational since 2016 in six New London Schools. The company is known nationwide for serving scratch-made breakfasts, lunches, and suppers to more than 3,300 students every day. Recently, Brigaid has also partnered with New York City Public Schools to begin service in six schools in the Bronx and according to Dan, Brigaid aims at expanding to schools nationwide.

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“Our current free meal reimbursement rate of $3.31 per meal makes the entire endeavor nearly impossible for those without a culinary background,” said Giusti, while talking about the challenges faced by the modern American schools.

According to Giusti the American schools currently face several serious challenges, when it comes to feeding students. The first challenge is obviously the taste of food, which typically is not very good. Secondly, another challenge is the training of kitchen staff and their resources, which are not adequate. All these challenges combine to create major problems for the administration to offer quality food to the future generations.

Brigaid is set to launch in New York City in September. The firm is currently completing its staffing for its pilot program. That program will begin in six schools in the Bronx.

To learn more about Brigaid, visit their website