Blendtec Executives Bring Solutions To Tri-State Community

Blendtec, a leading manufacturer of high-end commercial and home blenders, announced last month that chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) Tom Dickson has stepped down from his executive role within the company.  The reigns were passed in February to Reed Beus, an experienced technology and private equity executive, who has been appointed as the company’s new chairman and CEO.

“I was attracted to the opportunity because Blendtec has a great foundation in terms of industry leading innovation and technology,” Beus explained.  “It's a company with passionate individuals with great skill sets and talent. So with that great base and a good foundation to build on, my goal is to take the company aggressively to the next level with strategic direction and execution.”

Dickson, founder of the company and a lifelong inventor and engineer, will continue contributing to Blendtec’s success as a member of the board of directors, focusing on what he is most passionate about—pioneering new products that make lives better.

Beus believes Blendtec has built a great foundation on its innovative designs and engineering efforts. He steps in at a time when the focus has shifted to global brand positioning and strategic growth.

“Blendtec is an incredibly successful company with industry-leading technology and dedicated, passionate people, and we’re well positioned for explosive growth over the next few years,” says Beus.

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Beus brings years of executive leadership experience from a variety of industries, including software, Internet and social marketing, private equity, and sales. He has a proven track record of creating and sustaining exponential revenue growth due to his determination to focus on customer needs as well as an unwavering discipline to core values and principles.

Beus brings to Blendtec 15 years in a senior leadership role of industries including software, internet and social media.  “It is a great match for me because of the company's background as an engineering-focused company,” Beus added. “The founder was an engineer which has led to our industry-leading innovation and technology. I'm going to bring a sales and marketing focus to that base. “

Among the initial sales and marketing initiatives implemented by Beus and his team has been a change of representation in Metro New York. New Jersey based Pecinka Ferri Associates has taken over the representation of the Blendtec line in the Tri-State area. “After seeing the line in Orlando at the Nafem Show, we are excited to bring Blendtec's full line of blending solutions to the Metro New York dealer and their end user customers,” Pecinka Ferri's Ed Pecinka commented. 

Prior to joining Blendtec, Beus was the chairman and CEO of Enspark, a successful and fast-growing corporate e-learning company he founded in 2009 and whose clients include Motorola, 3M, Adobe, Coca-Cola and TD Ameritrade. He spent the 12 previous years as a managing director of a Utah private equity and management-consulting firm where he trained and consulted for companies such as Nestle, ATK, Hill-Rom, NFL and TYCO.

In his new role at Blendtec, Beus will focus on accelerating growth and market share through strategic product development, proper execution, and sustaining a healthy corporate culture to encourage top-notch performance and engagement. He will also place a significant emphasis on enhancing the overall customer experience through pinpoint execution, heightened discipline in core competencies, and improved two-way communication.

With a vision of building an international brand, Beus' priority is to continue to grow market share in the food service industry.  “The key to continuing to accomplish this goal is to listen to our customers and the dealers that serve them. Today, we implement this by providing products that offer the best value and functionality for a variety of applications,” Beus explained. 

“We place a significant priority on listening to the voice of the customer,” Beus continued. “This type of focus enables us to hear what their needs are and deliver what they're looking for.  We will take that input and work that into our engineering and product development.”The latest response to that customer input is found in Blendtec’s new Stealth machine that made its NAFEM Show debut last month in Orlando after a year of testing, “Our customers told us that with trends like open kitchens, the world's quietest blender and a capacitive touch screen would offer a perfect solution.”

Blendtec's innovative marketing has featured the award-winning Will It Blend?® Internet video series ( that demonstrates the amazing performance of Blendtec’s blender technology and has raised awareness across the globe of the Blendtec brand. Blendtec manufactures industry-leading commercial blenders and dispensers for the foodservice industry, as well as commercial-grade blenders and appliances for home use. Sold in 90 countries, Blendtec products offer the total solution for any blending needs, both in home and business. 
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