BelGioioso Parmesan and Mascarpone Win Gold at American Cheese Society Contest

BelGioioso Parmesan

The American Cheese Society conference and contest recently took place in Pittsburgh, PA, and BelGioioso Cheese received nine prestigious medals out of a total of 1,954 entries. The annual blind judging brings together industry experts as judges and the very best cheeses and cheesemakers in the Americas.

“Our BelGioioso Parmesan and Mascarpone were awarded best in the world at the World Championship Cheese Contest in March and now again in the blind judging at ACS”, states Errico Auricchio, President BelGioioso Cheese. “It’s quite an honor for our Cheesemakers who passionately hand-craft these world class cheeses each day.”

“BelGioioso Parmesan and American Grana cheeses were both judged in the same Italian Style Grating Types category and we were thrilled to receive the 1st place Gold Medal for Parmesan and the 2nd place Silver Medal for American Grana”, says Gaetano Auricchio, Executive Vice President. “You can taste our Cheesemaker’s passion for quality in these cheeses and the medals affirm this. Our dedicated group of Cheesemakers were some of the most awarded in the contest.”

BelGioioso captured nine honors for their award winning cheeses. Top prizes went to BelGioioso for: 1st Place Gold Medal – BelGioioso Parmesan; 1st Place Gold Medal – BelGioioso Crema di Mascarpone™.

The Wisconsin company garnered 2nd place Silver Medal – BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella Snacking; 2nd Place Silver Medal – BelGioioso American Grana®; 2nd Place Silver Medal – BelGioioso Black Truffle Burrata and 2nd Place Silver Medal – BelGioioso Fresh Mozzarella 8 oz. Thermoform Ball. 3rd Bronze Medal recognition went to La Bottega di BelGioioso Crumbly Gorgonzola with Sheep’s Milk; 3rd Place Bronze Medal – BelGioioso Ricotta con Latte® and 3rd Place Bronze Medal – La Bottega di BelGioioso Artigiano Aged Balsamic & Cipolline Onion.

BelGioioso ParmesanThe BelGioioso story began over a century ago when the great-grandfather of BelGioioso President, Errico Auricchio, founded a cheese company based on a philosophy of excellence. In 1979, Errico moved his family from Italy to America with the goal of continuing his great-grandfather’s legacy. He wanted to craft the best Italian cheeses in the United States.

 When Errico came to America, he scoured the United States in search of the highest quality milk to begin his goal of making exceptional specialty cheeses. It was in Wisconsin, “America’s Dairyland”, that he found the dedicated farmers and abundant green pastures and corn fields that produce superior milk. Wisconsin milk was and still is simply unbeatable.

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In addition to his immediate family, Errico also brought with him two master cheesemakers, Mauro and Gianni. To these gentlemen, making cheese isn’t a job, it’s a calling. They carry with them a strict focus on quality and an unending passion for crafting flavorful cheeses using artisan methods. Mauro & Gianni remain part of the BelGioioso family today and work tirelessly to share their wisdom with each new generation of cheesemakers. 

Together, Errico, Mauro & Gianni began by making cheeses familiar to American consumers such as Provolone, Parmesan and Romano. Soon, consumers wanted more; new cheeses, new flavors and new aromas. Over time, we introduced cheeses previously unknown in America. Mascarpone, CreamyGorg®, Italico® and American Grana® have now become favorites. Today, BelGioioso manufactures, ages, packages and ships over twenty-five varieties of specialty cheese with new cheeses continuously in development.

BelGioioso Cheese is a family-owned and operated company specializing in artisan Italian cheesemaking. Using natural ingredients and fresh, local Wisconsin milk, Master Cheesemakers hand-craft a full line of exceptional cheeses guided by a commitment to quality and a respect for tradition. At BelGioioso, every cheese is a specialty. To learn more, visit their website.