Behind The Foodie Looks At StuffBenEats

It’s hard to ignore the drool-inducing food photos flooding our Instagram feeds. But who are the masterminds behind these viral accounts? Elliot Productions, a division of The Elliot Group and creators of TRUE TREPS®, is highlighting the foodies influencing this billion-dollar industry through social media in a new series called Behind The Foodie.

In this episode of Behind The Foodie, we meet Ben Hon, the creator of StuffBenEats (@StuffBenEats). Ben, whose day job is being a New York City real estate agent, started photographing food as a passion project; not to receive free food or amass thousands of followers. Today, @StuffBenEats has over 43,000 followers – and counting.

Ben tries to take photos as quickly as possible, so he can enjoy the food while it is still hot and fresh. It’s important for Ben to provide the restaurant with his honest feedback on the product. “If it’s not good, I tell them why it isn’t good…it’s not helping them if you don’t,” Ben explains.

Despite StuffBenEats having tens of thousands of followers waiting to see which delicious dish he’s going to photograph next, Ben doesn’t consider himself a social media influencer. “I look at it more as I’m sharing things that I enjoy,” Ben explains. “When you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like a job.”

For over thirty years, The Elliot Group has remained the nation’s leading retained executive search and strategic consulting firm to the foodservice, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail industries. Given The Elliot Group’s leadership role in various industries, they have always been committed and on the leading edge of sharing the stories of many of today’s positive activists and innovators.

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Under the direction of former television news producer Eric Herbst, Behind The Foodie is a new video series from the Elliot Productions team. Elliot Productions is the creator of TRUE TREPS®, a series that documents the enTREPreneurs who are making an indelible impact on our industry.