Baseball Is Back (And Stadium Foodborne Illnesses Too)

baseball stadium food safety

Baseball’s season began yesterday with triumphant debuts for some and crushing losses for others. But no matter what game was delighting fans across the nation, one issue that might not cross their minds is stadium food safety.

baseball stadium food safetyEach year, roughly 1 in 6 (or 48M) Americans get sick from foodborne diseases. Last year, SI did a ranking MLB Ballpark Food Safety, where Dodger Stadium had almost 250 total food safety violations alone. The most common stadium food safety violations found dealt with insects, vermin, improper food holding temperatures, food prep employees not wearing gloves, and unclean nonfood contact surfaces. But of course, most of these issues could be corrected with better inspections and improved training and policies.

UL, a safety science company, helps inspect how food is handled at sports stadium concession stands to reduce foodborne disease outbreaks. In their latest post, titled: “Sick to Your Stomach? The UL Everclean Remedy,” UL experts outline:

  • The inspection process which includes a risk assessment of food safety programs and routine, unannounced site visits
  • How staying clean helps a company’s brand reputation
  • Four easy tips for sports stadium and restaurant owners to prevent foodborne illnesses

With those last four steps, restaurants and foodservice professionals can set expectations, take corrective actions and continually improve their process, enabling them to keep up with changing pathogens, laws and supply chains.

Now play ball! And maybe bring some antacids!

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