Baron Tequila

Baron Tequila is a new, ultra-premium tequila handcrafted in Jalisco, Mexico and certified gluten free and kosher, which are adding to the tequila’s popularity. We sat down with the brand’s PR representative to discuss the idea behind the brand.

Why was it important for your tequila to be triple-distilled, certified gluten-free and Kosher?

We hit on this in the next answer as well but with each of the three distillations, the resulting extract gets cleaner and cleaner achieving a zero-zero taste profile; eliminating any bad odor and bitter taste, which makes us stand apart from competitors. Unlike industrial producers, Baron is able to achieve a pure taste without the use of glycerin or other additives. In other words, it’s a smooth tequila that can be enjoyed straight, sipped or in mixed drinks. There’s no added preservatives or sugar that could contaminate the beverage and that’s why it’s also made from 100% agave.

The need for Baron to be gluten-free and kosher is the ability to tap into additional markets including those who have Celiac’s Disease but enjoy a cocktail, and the Jewish community, respectively. We’re proud of the fact we just received an award for Best New Wines, Beer or Spirits at KosherFest 2014.

Tell me about how you finally came up with the perfect tequila recipe?

Baron has achieved a uniquely, clean smooth taste through a natural process maximizing the power of the agave itself. Owner and founder Jana Khaimoff embarked on a two-year tequila fact-finding experience to determine the attributes that would characterize the category’s next premier product. For the perfect tequila recipe, we discovered that after 10 years of growth, the prime heads of agave are harvested for production ensuring the allotment for Baron’s batch is the highest quality. The prime heads are then slow cooked at low heat to assure the caramelization of all their sugar. The hand-guided pot-still distillation cooks off the volatiles (impurities) leaving only the “heart.” To assure consistency, a panel of three tasting experts samples each batch to confirm it matches the original.

How is Baron different from other luxury tequila brands? (i.e. Patron?)

Unlike other brands, Baron is synonymous with taste, refinement and quality. Baron provides the authenticity of true Mexican tequila lending itself to shots, sipping and mixed drinks that don’t overpower a margarita for example but rather, balance the taste perfectly. The feedback we’ve gotten is consistent for smoothness, along with floral notes and a kick at the end. Other brands, in general, can tend to have a burning sensation or sweetness that might not always be pleasant on the palate.

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Why the name Baron?

In Spanish, Baron refers to a magnate or a mogul, a nobleman in some cases; a higher power. The project to create Baron began during the year of the dragon, considered by the Chinese to be the luckiest. Many Eastern European cultures associate dragons with wisdom and outstanding people so we immediately felt a connection and synergy between the symbolism of the dragon and the name Baron.

Baron tequila retails from $55-$75 a bottle so clearly it is top-shelf tequila. That being said, what foodservice segments do you target?

We target the high-end market across restaurants, bars, hotels and clubs. Essentially, we launched and brought our product where the people go. Then, we segmented into retail liquor stores after making our brand more recognizable so customers have places to purchase the bottles. We’re only continuing this expansion.

Why did you decide to build your manufacturing plant in Tequila, Mexico?

We didn’t build our own plant; Baron is manufactured by a family owned and operated distillery with more than 20 years of experience in the business. They oversee every step of the process from growing and harvesting the agave, to the triple distillation to the bottle making.

How does offering Baron Tequila help a foodservice operator build more profit into their business?

One example is that small batch brands are all the rage right now. Some bars and restaurants are only serving those brands and straying away from mass-produced global products. Baron wants to carve its way into that niche and provide operators as their go-to tequila brand.

What is your current distribution of the brand?

We are currently available in New York, New Jersey, the Hamptons and Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas, as well as online for purchase.

What plans do you have for expansion?

We are releasing an extra añejo by Spring 2015 that ages for 44 months. It will be available in two sizes: 375mL and 750mL that will add another dimension to the Baron brand. In terms of expanding to other markets, on the horizon is the Los Angeles region.

What’s the next step for a foodservice operator that would like to carry Baron Tequila?

All it takes is a conversation with a Baron Tequila sales representative or a member of the public relations team. We recommend visiting for more information first and ensuring it’s a fit.