Avery Dennison Freshmarx Portfolio Creates Buzz at NRA

For today’s restaurant and foodservice professional, the challenge is simple. With the advent of increased minimum wage, the stress of labor productivity and consistent execution has become greater than ever. So a key focus of recent guests at last month’s 2018 National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show was how to eliminate waste and confusion.

Avery DennisonFor many restaurant and foodservice professionals, a priority on their NRA agenda was to find a single resource to help solve their food industry challenges related to food labeling, food safety, efficiency, inventory and labor. A visit to the Avery Dennison booth brought an introduction to a complete portfolio of solutions that could solve said challenges, while remaining profitable and improving customer satisfaction.

With a goal of providing solutions for restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, Avery Dennison Freshmarx® has been slicing through the complexities in the food service industry for years. The Freshmarx suite is an offering of hardware, software, applications, labels and service built to provide incredible assistance in food labeling, safety and compliance and RFID inventory management.

Avery Dennison“Our goal with Freshmarx is to help restaurants ensure food safety and compliance, decrease food wastage, increase efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction,” noted Ryan Yost, General Manager of Avery Dennison’s Printer Solutions Division (PSD).

Avery Dennison brings a long and distinguished legacy of serving the needs of the the food service industry. From its very beginning, the company has sought to provide a lasting solution to the error-prone handwritten information so commonly used for ingredient prep labeling.

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“We were among the very first, decades ago when we introduced solution driven technology with a printer and software,” Yost explained. “Freshmarx was the first to do basic calculations and we have never looked back. “

Now diverse and scalable, Avery Dennison’s Freshmarx suite is both responsive to current needs and anticipates future needs with solutions that include Handheld Labelers; for efficient date coding and pricing, Freshmarx Delivery; for brand-specific, tamper-proof labeling security, Food Donate and Waste; for tracking food wastage and the amount of food for donation, Task Tracker; a cloud-based digital checklist application used to track restaurant tasks, Temp Tracker; a cloud-based application used to automate cold-storage temperature and humidity monitoring, Freshmarx Nutrition powered by ESHA Genesis R&D®; a powerful, software application designed to calculate and import nutritional information for ingredients and recipes, the Freshmarx 9417+ System and Freshmarx Tablet ideal for food labeling, date coding and employee training, and RFID inventory visibility solutions for enhanced inbound and outbound food supply chain distribution and track-and- trace ability to ensure food safety.

“We have carefully listened to needs of our customer base,” Yost continued. “We understand that there are tremendous challenges that come from short-term labor that in many cases are young people just entering the workforce.  We understand the risk of wrong data – or no data – and its potential impact. Mislabeling can lead to food waste that could still be used, or creating food borne illness, and absent labeling becomes a crisis for food traceability and recalls.”

Yost focused on the release of new Freshmarx features that include Temp and Task Trackers; which automates refrigerator temperature monitoring to preserve food inventory and food safety, and also tracks must-do tasks around the restaurant.  Freshmarx Delivery ensures customer peace of mind with branded, secure food delivery labeling, and restaurants are enabled greater brand protection against delivery tampering and potential food safety risks.

The entire suite of Freshmarx solutions can be installed and bring efficiency and compliance to operators for less than $1000. On-going label costs in many cases run no more than $20 per week. “We’ve created a program that pays for itself in a matter of two to three months,” Yost added.

Avery Dennison’s superb customer service has made it a favorite with food service professionals. Implementing a Freshmarx program in your kitchen can take just minutes, with any needed service just a phone call or email away.