AJC 2018 Foodservice Division Reception [Photos]

AJC 2018
Award winner Joe Ferri was feted by M. Tucker president Michael Greenwald

It was a special evening for all as the AJC 2018 Foodservice Division Reception took center stage recently at the ballroom of the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. 

This year, the AJC (American Jewish Committee) honored Ed Pecinka and Joe Ferri of Pecinka Ferri which was presented with the National Human Relations Award. Network Services Company was presented with the National Corporate Leadership Award. The Harold Diamond led Diamond Chemical won top National Corporate Innovation Award honors. 

For Pecinka, it was a heartfelt evening as his Dad, “Original Ed” was on hand with his 94th birthday on the horizon. Ferri was introduced by Michael Greenwald who recently took over the reigns of M. Tucker who wove the tapestry of their intertwined careers. Network Service Alan Tomblin spoke of his passion for Israel in his remarks. New Jersey based Harold Diamond spoke of the importance of the team surrounding him being the key to his firm’s success. 

EYE visited with the large contingent of equipment and supply reps who were on hand to honor Ferri and Pecinka. They included: Michael Posternak, Steve Bauer, Larry Cantamessa of PBAC; Jeff Hessel of BSE Marketing; and Jim Vorhhes of CLVC.  The dealer community was out in force with notables including: BHS/H. Weiss Liz and Jim Weiss; Globe’s Jay Ringelheim; and Dave Placenti, Marc Fuchs, Fred Singer and Eric Santagato of M. Tucker.

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