AF Creative Media Aren’t Your Typical Hospitality Entrepreneurs

TRUE TREPS® are following their dreams and taking risks to create innovative companies. To capture these visionaries, Elliot Productions, a division of The Elliot Group, is traveling across the country to document the enTREPreneurs who are making an impact on our industry, capturing not only their unique visions, but also their personal and professional journeys. The passion, creativity, risks, and, surprises – come be inspired with us as we meet the people behind the emerging brands: the TRUE TREPS.

AF Creative MediaIn this episode of TRUE TREPS, we meet Dayna and Brian Lee, the founders of AF Creative Media. Dayna and Brian aren’t your typical hospitality entrepreneurs – they are content creators, photographers, and industry influencers via their Instagram account @artsandfood_nyc, which has more than 38,000 followers and counting.

Dayna and Brian started taking food photographs as a hobby. As their following and business grew rather quickly, they decided during their honeymoon to become business partners. Through their company, Dayna and Brian produce content that is all things arts and all things food. Brian explains, “we pride ourselves on working with people across the spectrum on what they’re passionate about…whether that is a chef who is so passionate about a specific dish, or a musical theater writer.” AF Creative Media works with hospitality groups, restaurants, influencers, and Broadway, with their most recent credit being the youngest co-producers on the Tony-winning revival of Angels in America.

Dayna and Brian say being entrepreneurs is very exciting as they have their hands in a lot of different projects and every day presents something new. However, as newlyweds, they are still figuring out how to balance their work life with their home life. Dayna shares, “We don’t have a traditional office. Our home is our work; our work is our home. We are married, but we are also business partners.” “The biggest challenge is finding the time to stop and say ‘okay, work ends now,’” Brian says.

For over thirty years, The Elliot Group has remained the nation’s leading retained executive search and strategic consulting firm to the food service, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail industries. Given The Elliot Group’s leadership role in various industries, they have always been committed and on the leading edge of sharing the stories of many of today’s positive activists and innovators.

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Under the direction of former television news producer Eric Herbst, Elliot Productions’ TRUE TREPS® series is uniquely positioned to understand and profile the fundamental challenges that enTREPreneurs and organizations face at every stage of the business lifecycle. TRUE TREPS® brings a deep understanding of the motivations and talents of individual leaders and the great companies they are building.