2014 Year End Recap

Whenever the end of the year comes around, it seems to whizz by. Usually, we see Halloween and think about carving pumpkins and costumes and the next thing you see are Christmas trees with all the fixings. by Karena Wu

The holidays mean seasonal treats that we only eat during the season which means only once a year! Turkey, cranberry, stuffing, egg nog and pumpkin spice…both savory and sweet. We eat them so rarely,we start watering at the mouth at the thought of them. Usually, we’re thinking about curbing our intake but with this rare oral sensation that elicits good feelings, bingeing is on the horizon. Food coma anyone?

As a healthcare provider, I am always discussing physical problems as well as social and psychosomatic  factors. We make choices in life. In decisions concerning our health, what goes in our mouth, how much, at what time and of what quality.  I always say, if you’re going to pack on the calories, they better be worth it so indulge in the good stuff.

Diets work if you don’t consider them diets.  They are truly a lifestyle change and a way of living. Again, it breaks down to the choices you make for your meals. The information really doesn’t change year to year. A diet moderate in healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and lean protein really is the best. Moderation in alcohol intake, sweets and fried foods is also necessary. We try to stay healthy but we need to live a quality life.

Taste of Hope January 2019 728×90

As Christmas and the New Year come to a close, what is important is that we recap what we have accomplished and experienced. Work is ever present, we exercise, eat and drink. We might have traveled either for business or pleasure.  We see our friends and family and meet new people. We interact with our pets, enjoy our homes and find solace in sleep in our own bed.  All to wake up to another day, routine and perhaps something new and exciting.

We see new restaurants open all the time; something exciting to look forward to. We also see famed and loved restaurants close (WD-50) with the hope they open elsewhere. Winter is a time to enjoy comfort foods, hearty foods that keep our bodies warm. New York City is filled with so many good restaurants and cuisines. People travel around the world to try the restaurants here.

So as 2014 leads to 2015, my advice is to stay on your path, enjoying life and its pleasures and taking part in the festivities and foods. Hearty foods mean hearty calories so keep them in check. Minimize stress and keep your body and mind healthy. Don’t use the end of the year as a time to let yourself go, only to get back on the horse in the New Year setting goals that limit your lifestyle. Weight fluctuation within 5 pounds is reasonable but anything over that can tax your system and potentially cause injury. Keep up your exercise routine, eat and drink in moderation and take the time to really enjoy all of your foods as you consume them.

Look in the mirror and appreciate what you see. We’ve all done a lot this past year so celebrate life and all that you have just experienced. It makes you who you are today. 2015 has good things to come so let’s all raise our glasses for a toast. Happy holidays and the very best wishes for the New Year!