Top 10 Things You Should Know About Green Packaging Solutions

Imperial Bag & Paper Green Packaging Solutions

At Imperial Bag & Paper we take pride in being able to assist our clients when dealing with sustainable operations, green purchasing and sustainable supply chain transportation. We know that restaurants are focusing on sustainability in order to satisfy consumers & reduce costs.

Imperial_Logo_2016For restaurants, new & established, nothing is more important than considering how sustainability fits into your business. Consumers have always placed a strong emphasis on nutritional labeling and transparency, but now this push extends to all facets of supply chain and your operational processes. Sustainable packaging is a critical manifestation of this and below is a quick list on our top 10 suggestions about green packaging solutions when owning and operating a sustainable restaurant.

  1. It shows your community you care about the environment.

2. 60% of consumers say they choose a restaurant based on sustainable practices.

3. The role of sustainability has become a priority to consumers, so instead of reacting, build this as a focus into your business plan.

4. Consider the social & environmental impact of your supply chain provider. Choose to work with vendors who are committed to sustainability just as you are, you can then work together to minimize waste and maximize your return on environmental investment. 

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5. Ask for transparency and legal certifications from your sustainable packaging provider so you can trace the sourcing of packaging material.

6. Find a non-profit organization to conduct certification audits.

7. Food waste reduction is growing, so implement measures to reduce your food waste.

8. Recycling foodservice packaging can be tricky due to contamination, so COMPOST your packaging if possible.

9. Make sure you have located the nearest compost facility.

10. Foodservice packaging is a powerful way to not only communicate your commitment to sustainability, but will help to strengthen your brand image so communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!

Grace Best is the Director of Marketing at Jersey City, NJ  based Imperial Bag & Paper Co., LLC The firm’s web site offers additional solutions: She would happy to answer your questions by phone 201-437-7440 ext 3235 or via email at