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Metro NYC Hotel Operators Have Unique Energy Challenges

At United Energy Consultants, we wanted to give hoteliers and hotel managers some tips on how to cut your energy bills specific to your industry.

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The Importance of a Risk Management Program for Your Restaurant in Today’s Softening Insurance Market

The insurance market overall has experienced softening over the past year, meaning that capacity is available and there has been a downward shift in rates.

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Espresso & Restaurants—  A Hot Relationship

Espresso graced the world with its presence at the 1906 World’s Fair in Milan, Italy

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Restaurants Make Their Own Weather

No need to fret about the impending winter weather on Manhattan’s restaurant scene. After all, it doesn’t snow or sleet inside the city’s cafés, eateries and restaurants. And really, what’s cozier or more fun than gathering a circle of friends and dining on your favorite dish at your beloved neighborhood bistro or trying a new-to-your-palette plate at the latest hot spot in town? The only question is, which one?

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Celebrate Harvest 2015!

There is an exciting feeling we get from something NEW. Whether it be a new piece of clothing, a new car or maybe a new house, the feeling is exhilarating. Same goes for NEW wine!

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Most People Have Never Had Authentic Rum

And with that said, what is that stuff that they have been drinking?  Well, up to now this product bears very little resemblance to authentic rum. What?  The bottle says rum?  What’s wrong with that?

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Fall Brews For Heartier Fare

Welcome to CRAFTED where every month we tap into the latest news, trends and developments in the creation and appreciation of craft beers and ciders.

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Create Culinary Moments

‘People remember moments not experiences’ was the sentiment of Thomas Koch’s Welcome Conference talk earlier this year.

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The Weight in Your Toes

Remember back to the good old days of summer where it was brutally hot?

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Outsmart the Wine List

Imagine this—You are seated at an upscale restaurant with one of your best clients and then handed a wine list thicker than a college textbook.

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