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Chef José Andrés To Be Honored At 2018 C-CAP Annual Benefit

José Andrés, internationally recognized culinary innovator, author, educator, television personality, humanitarian, and chef/owner of ThinkFoodGroup & minibar by José Andrés will be honored at C-CAP’s annual culinary event on Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 5:45-9:00 p.m. at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers.

Eat Chic – Dine Decadent

Major action in the kitchens; here are some go-to-spots for early 2018. Let’s celebrate and toast to a New Year of Dining; to the innovative, the inspiring and of course the delicious!

Avoid Cross Contamination On Your Cutting Boards

Cross contamination is one of the leading causes of foodborne illness and cutting boards are a major culprit.  Keeping that chicken separate from vegetables is not only a good idea it could be a life saving one. Choosing the right board, knowing when to change it and how to properly clean it, could be overwhelming. 

Understanding Sexual Harassment In The Restaurant Workplace

Frankly, sexual harassment has always been an issue in the restaurant industry. The dominant headlines are not a surprise to most of you.  But what will they actually mean within the workplace?

Hot Toddy Time!

We survived the holidays, now we need some comfort at the end of the day- or if you are exceptionally optimistic- first thing in the morning.  You see hot toddies are not just for the after dinner- before bed experience.  Some even are just as refreshing and calming for a breakfast slurp.  Not that I’m advocating morning drinking!

Top 2018 Hospitality Trends for Restaurant Operators from Fourth

Fourth, one of the world's leading hospitality operations platforms, recently revealed its top 2018 hospitality trends and predictions for the industry.


About half the work we completed in 2017 included customization. Believe it or not, every project our Business Development team is currently working on for 2018 includes custom dinnerware.

Convenience Stores: A Growing Segment of Foodservice

Say hello to a growing segment of foodservice: they are called convenience stores and they recently held their meeting and trade show in Chicago.
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recipe costing cards

The Importance of Recipe Costing Cards

The key to making money in your catering business is you must have accurate, up-to-date recipe costing cards. With recipe costing cards you will know not only how much you are making on a single item, you will be able to know how much money you made each month!
minimizing food contamination

Importance of Minimizing Food Contamination in a Restaurant Kitchen

Unlike the Taco Bell incident, no definitive cause was confirmed for the Chipotle outbreak. These examples serve as a reminder of the importance of minimizing food contamination in your restaurant kitchen.
electricity and gas prices

Energy Pricing Increase And How It Affects The Restaurant Industry

There are many factors that influence electricity and gas prices. Electricity prices generally reflect the cost to build, finance, maintain, and operate power plants and the electricity grid.

New Year Resolutions for Foodservice Professionals

There are just too many operational costs in today’s hyper-paced world, so here are a couple of thoughts that you may want to incorporate into your corporate and personal planning goals and New Year Resolutions.

Liz’s 2018 Tabletop Trends

The first of these 2018 tabletop trends that pops as we look forward is the emergence of bold colors. But the look is very “handmade.” That look and feel gives the chef the flexibility to create those comfort food signature items on a restaurant, club or hotel menu.
outdoor dining location

Is Location Overhyped?

Quite often you hear when it comes to commercial real estate sites its location, location and location. I beg to differ. I will take the side street almost every time rather than the more visible frontage assuming the concept does not rely upon impulse convenience buying which is propelled by visibility and easy access rather than the dining experience driven by quality food, competitive pricing and an overall great dining experience.
letter grades restaurant letter grade

Since When Is “Passing” Good Enough?

Although getting a letter grade is reminiscent of good ole school days, restaurant letter grades are way different.  Receiving anything other than an “A” is considered failing, it can cost a lot of money or worse your reputation. 
consistent training restaurant risk

If You Build It, Will They Come?

An entrepreneur is a person willing to RISK LOSS to start a business with the intent to make money and going a bit further… “one who organizes, manages, commits resources and assumes the risks to start a new enterprise”. Yes!
holidays holiday food

Holiday Food For Thought

Some of the merriest holiday food moments come from visiting one of our dynamic new eateries. ‘Tis the season to nosh all that is new and noteworthy. Here are some new City spots that shine as bright as the 57th Street Snowflake.

Les Amis d’Escoffier Society of NY Honors C-CAP’s Grausman, Chef Jacques Pépin, UFT’s Mulgrew

Richard Grausman, founder of the Careers through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP), was honored as the Industry Leader, culinary luminary Jacques Pépin was named Chef of the Year, and the United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew was named Man of the Year. 

Don’t Lose Your Restaurant Because of Unpaid Taxes: 3 Things You Need to Know

A recent article noted the high number of restaurants that shut down every year for unpaid taxes. Based on an analysis of media coverage, restaurants seem to be seized more often than other types of businesses.

Q-Drinks Make For Some Spectacular Cocktails

Q-Drinks, hailing from Brooklyn, NY is a spectacular drink mixer. Not just because the label reads it, but because Q-Drinks offer something better than what you are using right now.
Ruby Tuesday

An Industry in Flux

I’m assuming the 137 Ruby Tuesday restaurants that have closed will be sold or leased to new owners. One of the negatives of selling or leasing restaurant space is that, for the most part, it becomes another restaurant simply because it is a single-purpose building.
Negotiate A Restaurant Lease Renewal Free rent landlord deposits

Dealing With Deposits For Restaurant Tenants

As we advise in our book, Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals FOR DUMMIES, from your standpoint as a tenant, paying a security deposit confers no benefit. It ties up your money – money that many landlords try hard not to refund to you if you don’t renew your lease.
Tom colicchio temple court signature eateries

Tabletop Solutions For The New Realities Of Hotel Food and Beverage

With the value of Metro New York retail space and the dramatic building of hotels in newly and soon to be gentrified neighborhoods (Long Island City/Astoria/Dumbo), many hotels are now competing to get top chefs and restaurateurs to bring signature eateries to their properties.
restaurant menu

The Power Of Your Restaurant Menu On Your Bottom Line

Let's face it, your restaurant menu is your most powerful marketing tool and holds the key to your restaurant’s bottom-line success. It's so important, yet many restaurants are taking the wrong approach to menu design.
Food Hall Favorites

Food Hall Favorites

We are seeing a slight shift from fine dining to fine casual and a growing interest in street food. Food Halls will not replace restaurants but supplement them. Let’s explore Brooklyn and Manhattan’s latest and greatest Food Hall Favorites.
American Graduate Day 2017

C-CAP Featured On PBS/WNET American Graduate Day 2017

American Graduate Day 2017 returned this fall for its sixth consecutive year with Soledad O’Brien hosting the national broadcast, which premiered on Saturday, October 14. 
scaffolding, organic waste separation

Action Updates On Scaffolding And Organic Waste Separation

In this month’s column, I share with you my abridged comments from two City Council hearings that I recently testified at on behalf of the NYC Hospitality Alliance.  I hope they provide you with greater insight into our vital work representing the industry and get you familiar with two important issues impacting restaurants throughout the city: scaffolding and organic waste separation.

An Interesting Look At Tipping

As my friends from the Pennsylvania Dutch Country would say, “It wonders me much” whenever they would see or read something that they had seen many times before. I can apply that description to the number of articles I have read that deal with the common act of tipping.
restaurant energy usage energy saving tips for Hospitality Managers

Energy Saving Tips For Hospitality Managers

Don't stress over your energy bill. There are many energy saving tips for hospitality managers to reduce their energy bills with just a few adjustments to electricity, water, as well as heating and cooling systems, so that the bill at the end of the month is less stressful.
On-Site Management

Safety First: How Investing In On-Site Management Can Reduce Your Bottom-Line

Even the best safety programs require proper on-site management training and involvement in order to be successful. By investing in hiring and training experienced on-site managers, businesses can actually save a significant amount of money in the long run...
cold brewed coffee

Cold Brewed Coffee Cocktails To Crave

There is no metric that challenges the thought that coffee should only be enjoyed in the morning. Far from!  That’s where gently Vassilaros & Sons cold brewed coffee comes into play. I’m pretty picky when it comes to strong flavor and in my cocktails, if it says coffee- I want to taste what is going on in my glass and make it memorable.
educated customers

When It Comes To Making Your Pitch, Nothing Is Off The Table!

We are all forced to respond to the growing expectations of our educated customers. Each dealership and their sales representatives can choose to respond in a number of ways. Our company has made the conscious decision to become “influencers” and use every resource available to understand the unique needs of our partners.
restaurant drink comps lunch sales

Driving Lunch Sales: A Four-Step Plan To Greater Profitability

Building lunch sales is key to greater profitability in restaurants. This is because most of the costs associated with preparing for the dinner rush happen during the daytime.
hospitality minimum wage One Haus

The End of the Human Touch

One Haus's Mike Hewitt Talks About The End of the Minimum Wage Hospitality Employee.
Negotiate A Restaurant Lease Renewal Free rent landlord deposits

Standing In The Landlord’s Shoes: Seeing Yourself As A Prospective Tenant

Landlords and restaurant tenants are not equal. The tail can’t wag the dog. If the landlord is the dog, then the tenant is the tail. And, as we know, dogs chase their tails.
New York in the 60’s

Recreating The Elegance of New York In The 60’s

What might be considered formal today would be unrecognizable for someone from New York in the 60’s. We suggest nicely placed ribbon patterns that can be used as pour lines.  Our goal is to recapture the best of the past as you welcome your guests.

How A Chargeback Can Affect Your Business

A chargeback is when a customer disputes a transaction and your credit card provider makes you (the retailer) pay for the claim. This can cause various issues with your business. The reason a customer disputes a transaction can also vary.
food cost

The Achilles Heel Of Restaurant Owners’ Food Cost

If I were to ask you what you think is driving your food cost up, what do you think you would answer? I bet you would tell me it’s the cost of your products.
Nutrition Labels menu labeling

Menu Labeling Legislation

I wonder if any of the jurisdictions that have passed or are considering passing menu labeling legislation have read a piece reported by United Press International.
restaurant taxes restaurant business plan

And Since We Were Talking About Taxes…

Last month I wrote about sales taxes and how restaurant owners need to get a grip and remember that the funds they collect are not their personal line of credit. To my surprise it was the first time I had gotten “fan mail” from both tax attorneys and tax enforcement people...
Pizzeria Martina Restaurant Innovation

Restaurant Innovation: Technology at the Table

Creating the next-generation customer experience is always on the minds of the best restauranteurs. For restaurants to evolve, understanding the next generation customer is critical and Manhattan is the hotbed of the new and the emerging.
POS Advice restaurant cash register

Is A Restaurant Cash Register All I Need?

For many restaurateurs, a cash register can provide all the sales analysis and cash control needed.
ADA Accessible

Is Your Website ADA Accessible? Avoiding Costly Liabilities

ADA accessible websites emerge as one of the biggest liabilities so far in 2017. Reaching every potential customer wherever they are is the fundamental goal of any business. So, when a website can’t reach 100% of its target audience, they risk revenue loss.

Triibe: A Marvelous Spirit Welcome To Many Recipes

Triibe is a marvelous, richly textured spirit from Ireland that strives for authenticity of flavor over flash in the glass. It’s a clarified Milk Punch with a pure Irish Malt Whiskey base!
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