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How To Negotiate A Restaurant Lease

Finding available commercial space in New York to lease for a foodservice business can be challenging for numerous reasons. Obstacles for a foodservice tenant...

5 Fatal — Yet Avoidable — Service Errors

Here are the five service errors I have identified to be extremely harmful to independent restaurant owners that can be fixed with systems. “Let’s...

Is Your Restaurant On Fire?

All puns aside, I mean is your restaurant really rocking? Your place is "on fire" when you have lines out the door every night...

Turkey and Wine — Perfect Together!

For people that love turkey and wine, Thanksgiving just might be the perfect holiday. It is the one time of year we assemble where it’s about dining and thankfully no major gift giving is involved.

Avoiding Injury When Starting a Running Program

The life of a chef equates to long hours on the job. The job consumes so much of the day it becomes difficult to...

How Much Rent is Too Much for Your Restaurant?

Rent is your largest fixed expense. Food costs are variable. If your food costs are too high, you can make menu adjustments, portion size...

Changes In Tabletop Abound As Top Chefs Open Hotel Eateries

If you haven’t noticed high-end restaurants are now becoming a must have for hotels. It’s really not all that surprising either; in fact it...

Cold Brew Remains Hot

Even though summer has turned to fall, and winter is (unfortunately) not far behind, cold brew products remain the hottest trend in the marketplace....
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4 Essential Qualities of Restaurant Managers

There are some qualities that restaurant owners and managers must possess to be successful. Not...
Year-End Tax Tips

5 Year-End Tax Tips For Restaurant Owner-Operators

While the end of the year may signal a coming return to warmer weather and...

Elections, Uncertainty And A Reality Check

No matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on – everyone I know...

The Importance Of Third-Party Employment Practices Liability Insurance For Your Restaurant

Like most businesses, restaurant and food service companies of any size are vulnerable to claims...

The Independents Seem To Be Holding Their Own

For the record, one of my main objectives in writing these columns is to review...

Fall’s Divine Dining

This Fall, New York is a whirlwind of New Dining Options and Radical Revamps. It’s...

Providing What You Had Thought To Be Unrealistic

The original Shake Shack is situated in Madison Square Park, which happens to be in...
Warren Bobrow

The Peerless Temperament Of Martin Miller’s Gin

I was first introduced to Martin Miller’s Gin by the founder himself.  The cocktail in my hand...
Square Feet

Square Feet, Seats and Rent – What is the Correlation?

Having conducted business with restaurateurs for over 20 years, and being a past New York...

The Financial Health of Your Restaurant

Is your restaurant in need of a financial check-up? Many restaurant owners we work with...
Roger Beaudoin

When Your Food or Ambiance Overshadows Your Service

I’ve always believed the three most important attributes of any successful restaurant are Food, Service...
stored product pests

The Pantry Pest You May Be Overlooking

By Hope Bowman, Technical Specialist, Western Pest Services Rodents, roaches and flies tend to be the...
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Move To Craft Beer Requires A New Approach To Glassware

I know this may come as a shock but I absolutely hate beer! I’ll admit...

Just What You Need: More Regulations

About a year ago I informed those of you who stop at this space that...

Ask Andrew From the NYC Hospitality Alliance – October 2016

Have a NYC restaurant or hospitality question that you’d like answered? Send your questions to

Fall Is Here. Are You Ready For The Worst Seasonal Cash Crunch?

When I was in the restaurant business in New York, I was always happy to...
kitchen fire

Fire Loss Prevention: Avoiding Flare-Ups In The Kitchen Begins With Safety

Fires are one of the leading causes of property insurance losses. In addition to physical...

Creative Culinary Concepts

New York City boasts a myriad of cuisines and great culture from around the world....

A Necessary Platform for the Food & Beverage Industry

The agricultural, farming and food processing sector is one of the largest growing globally. The reality...
Morgan Tucker

The Nobility Of Service Providers

Each time I visit the Jones’ family farm in Milan, Ohio, I am immediately transported...
Warren Bobrow

Morning Cocktails With Coffee Liqueurs

It’s never easy to drink cocktails in the morning, unless of course you are correcting...

Four Steps To Setting Standards In Your Restaurant

You play a very important role in your restaurant, a role no one else can...
Roger Beaudoin

Does Your Full-Serve Restaurant Have A Fast Food Approach?

As restaurateurs, you dine out frequently and when you do I assume you have a...

7 People You Don’t Want to Be at a Wine Festival

Fall festival season is in full swing and chances are there is a wine festival...
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Updating Your Approach To Catering Equipment And Supplies To Match Today’s Menus

Wouldn’t it make sense that, as you look at your restaurant or foodservice operation, the...

Ask Andrew From the NYC Hospitality Alliance – September 2016

Andrew Rigie is the Executive Director of the New York City Hospitality Alliance, a trade association formed in 2012 to foster the...

Restaurant Recession – Operators And Suppliers, Are You Ready?

One of my favorite Warren Buffet quotes is “you only find out who is swimming...

Employment-Related Lawsuits Do Not Discriminate

The hiring, disciplining and terminating process can bring high-risk exposures for employers. Restaurant and food...

Harlem’s Divine Dining

Harlem is the crown jewel of northern Manhattan and boasts a royal culinary scene. Harlem’s...
Warren Bobrow

Late Summer Watermelon Cocktails

Most everyone—except myself and those who work in the service industry—are on vacation for the...
Morgan Tucker

The People Behind The Plates (At Marta)

Let me start by saying that this is not another piece of writing praising the...

What Is a Grocerant?

"Grocerant"—remember this word; it alludes to grocery stores or supermarkets that have catering facilities and...
Joyce Appelman C-CAP

Tuxton China Now A Sponsor For Careers Through Culinary Arts Program

This year, Tuxton China, a leading tabletop supplier to the foodservice industry, will become a sponsor for C-CAP and is donating a percentage of their total sales from the month of September to the Los Angeles location.

Measure Restaurant Sales To Determine Labor Needs

Creating the schedule in a restaurant is like fitting together the pieces of a puzzle....
Nutrition Labels

Nutrition Labels: It’s Time For The Food Industry To Change

In May the FDA announced and published the final rules for the new Nutrition Facts...
Roger Beaudoin

Top 6 Mistakes Servers Are Making

If you run restaurants, there are always the daily fires to put out, but nothing...
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