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How A Chargeback Can Affect Your Business

A chargeback is when a customer disputes a transaction and your credit card provider makes you (the retailer) pay for the claim. This can cause various issues with your business. The reason a customer disputes a transaction can also vary.

Connecticut’s Hospitality Industry To Raise Money for Puerto Rico Relief with...

Connecticut chefs, bartenders, bakers, and restaurateurs are standing together to serve up a small offering of food and drink – inspired by Puerto Rico – as tribute to this important sisterland that we will not leave behind. 100% of the proceeds generated by these dishes will be donated to Puerto Rico relief.

The Achilles Heel Of Restaurant Owners’ Food Cost

If I were to ask you what you think is driving your food cost up, what do you think you would answer? I bet you would tell me it’s the cost of your products.

Menu Labeling Legislation

I wonder if any of the jurisdictions that have passed or are considering passing menu labeling legislation have read a piece reported by United Press International.

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Remains True To Historic Family Concept

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana has been a coveted restaurant among pizza lovers for decades. With the original location on Wooster Street in New Haven, the family operation has since experienced tremendous growth and expansion.

And Since We Were Talking About Taxes…

Last month I wrote about sales taxes and how restaurant owners need to get a grip and remember that the funds they collect are not their personal line of credit. To my surprise it was the first time I had gotten “fan mail” from both tax attorneys and tax enforcement people...

Restaurant Innovation: Technology at the Table

Creating the next-generation customer experience is always on the minds of the best restauranteurs. For restaurants to evolve, understanding the next generation customer is critical and Manhattan is the hotbed of the new and the emerging.

Kosherfest Set To Bring Diverse Selection of Menu Solutions to Jersey...

Kosherfest, one of the world’s largest events for Kosher business, is expanding this year to include not only traditionally Kosher restaurants and food service clients like nursing homes, colleges and churches but those from the wellness community, as well.
IRFSNY Oct 2017 728×90
POS Advice restaurant cash register

Is A Restaurant Cash Register All I Need?

For many restaurateurs, a cash register can provide all the sales analysis and cash control needed.
The Liquid Musevideo

The Liquid Muse Is Elevating Cocktail Culture in Santa Fe

In this installment of “True Treps”, we follow Natalie Bovis, President of The Liquid Muse and Founder of New Mexico’s Cocktails and Culture Festival. Bovis, a self-proclaimed “ambassador for cocktail culture,” ventured into the world of mixology when she saw people creating culinary-inspired cocktails.
ADA Accessible

Is Your Website ADA Accessible? Avoiding Costly Liabilities

ADA accessible websites emerge as one of the biggest liabilities so far in 2017. Reaching every potential customer wherever they are is the fundamental goal of any business. So, when a website can’t reach 100% of its target audience, they risk revenue loss.
Harri And Toast

Harri and Toast Partner To Create Fast Access Solution For Efficient POS Data

The Harri and Toast integration delivers critical data to restaurateurs to drive more informed decisions and increase efficiency by removing the data silos...

LloydPans Set to Bring Portfolio Of Pizza Prep Solutions to Atlantic City Show

LloydPans manufactures bakeware, cookware, and pizzaware that is environmentally friendly and toxin-free. “Our company is firmly built upon the premise of encouraging a healthy lifestyle through food, and strives to reinforce this foundation with each new product it offers,” said Robert Johnson, Director of Marketing.
Lessing's Food Service

Matthew Lackmann Joins Lessing’s Food Service Management

Lessing’s Food Service Management, a division of the  Lessing’s Hospitality Group in Great River, NY, has announced the hiring of industry veteran, Matthew Lackmann, formerly of the Compass Group and Lackmann Culinary.
Forty One Madison

Laurie Burns, Forty One Madison, New York, NY

Total Food Service sat down with Laurie Burns from Forty One Madison to discuss the company's origins, initiatives, and the upcoming New York Tabletop Show.
Buzztime Restaurant Social Media Promotions

4 Steps For Restaurant Social Media Promotions That Win Customers

With over 65 million business pages on Facebook, how can restaurant social media promotions stand out? That number doesn’t include the millions of businesses on Instagram, Twitter, and even Snapchat.

Triibe: A Marvelous Spirit Welcome To Many Recipes

Triibe is a marvelous, richly textured spirit from Ireland that strives for authenticity of flavor over flash in the glass. It’s a clarified Milk Punch with a pure Irish Malt Whiskey base!
restaurant power outages

How To Manage A Power Outage In Your Restaurant

Restaurants are fast paced and hectic on a normal day, but add a power outage into the mix and it can cause a lot of problems. They can wipe out your sales and food inventory, shut down your equipment and leave you and your customers plunged into darkness. A restaurant power outage can result in tens of thousands of lost revenue dollars.

Presenture Named National Foodservice Sales Agency Of Record For Go Veggie And Bonta Divina

Presenture LLC announced this week it is the national foodservice sales agency of record for GO VEGGIE® and Bonta Divina. In its role, Presenture’s team of sales, marketing and support professionals will build and manage a national broker network for GO VEGGIE and Bonta Divina.

Geronimo Tequila Bar Joins Elite International Group With CRT Award T Certification

Similarly to the French government’s involvement in the production of Champagne, the Mexican Federal Government...
NYC Hospitality Alliance Technology Summit

NYC Hospitality Alliance Brings Next Gen Technology To Manhattan

The NYC Hospitality Technology Summit was an exciting event with speakers from various sectors of the food service and technology industries. Representatives of a diverse list of companies discussed the implications and trends of technology within the hospitality industry.
Greenwich Restaurant Week

Trish Kirsch, Director of Greenwich Restaurant Week and Publisher of Greenwich Magazine

Total Food Service recently sat down with Greenwich Restaurant Week’s director, Trish Kirsch, and Publisher of Greenwich Magazine, to learn more about organization of this annual restaurant week, how restaurants benefit, and how it help local businesses.
Dine Out For Heroes

Glazier Works Invites NYC To Dine Out For Heroes

Glazier Works along with Caroline Hirsch and Andrew Fox of the New York Comedy Festival is spearheading the Dine Out for Heroes event. On Veterans Day (November 11, 2017), participating restaurants will donate one dollar per guest to the Bob Woodruff Foundation.
NYSRA Ron Mathews

Industry Vet Ron Mathews To Run NYSRA’s NYC Region

The New York State Restaurant Association has named Ron Mathews as the new Regional Director for its New York City office. Mathews has a successful, decade-long track record working with the NYS Restaurant Association in his capacity as Show Director for the annual International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York, of which the Association is the official sponsor.
Gunter Wilhelm

Gunter Wilhelm Opens First NJ Showroom With Grand Opening Event Oct. 7

Gunter Wilhelm is pleased to announce the opening of its first showroom in Ramsey, New Jersey. The grand opening event will take place on Saturday, October 7, 2017 from 10:00am to 4:00pm at 628 Swan Street in Ramsey, New Jersey. The event is open to the public and will feature honorable guests.

Rich Rund and Dan Welch, Co-Founders, CaterTrax

Total Food Service recently had the chance to talk with the co-founders of CaterTrax: Rich Rund, Chief Executive Officer, and Dan Welch, Chief Information Officer.
rodent rodents

How To: Rodent Proof Your Restaurant This Winter

Unlike other pests that come indoors during winter and emerge in spring, a rodent may never leave once inside. As long as they have food, water and a comfy nesting place, rodents may become permanent restaurant patrons.
made in Brooklyn

Made In Brooklyn

The Brooklyn boom is no secret. However, many were surprised when Star Chefs made the move to host their annual International Chefs Congress there just three short years ago.

Edamam Brings Restaurants Easy Solution For Adding Nutritional Profile To Menus

Victor Penev conceived the idea for Edamam in 2010. An entrepreneur and passionate cook, he wanted to create a link between food and technology.
Total Food Service October 2017 Digital Issue

October 2017 – Total Food Service Digital Issue

Total Food Service's October 2017 Digital Issue featuring exclusive Q&A Interviews with Metro New York's hottest new chefs and foodservice operators...
Jeff Carcara Barteca Restaurant Group Bartaco Barcelona Wine Bar

Jeff Carcara Q&A

CEO, Barteca Restaurant Group
three LLC minimum restaurant formation

Restaurant Formation: The Three LLC Minimum Policy

After assuring the client that my three LLC minimum policy is not intended to increase my legal fees or to create unnecessary bureaucracy, I explain the two-fold rationale for forming three separate LLCs, namely: (1) to insulate the client from liability and (2) to maximize the client’s potential profitability.
Larry Hoffman Dockers Waterside

Larry Hoffman, President, Dockers Waterside, East Quogue, NY

Larry Hoffman is the current owner of Dockers Waterside on Dune Road in East Quogue. Dockers has been a Hamptons’ staple for 24 years and is regarded as one of the area’s top dining and social destinations year in and year out, attracting an affluent and sophisticated clientele.
AMTC background music

Background Music in the Restaurant – The Legal Issues

Successful restaurateurs would agree almost unanimously that background music is an essential part of the dining experience.  Given that music is a nearly universal restaurant need...
Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University To Launch New Hospitality, Resort And Tourism Management Program In Fall 2018

Sacred Heart University’s Jack Welch College of Business (WCOB) is establishing a new bachelor’s degree in hospitality, resort and tourism management. The program will begin in fall 2018.
mason jar Cardinal fresh take

Fall Means A Fresh Take On Beverage Service

As we get ready to bid adieu to Summer, it’s time to not only think...
chef health risks restaurant running

Is Your Restaurant Running You?

Many owners and managers are working 6 or 7 days a week, opening early and closing late. Their restaurants are running them and not the other way around.
too many restaurants

We Are Not Alone

Most specialists who monitor the industry will tell you, “Too many restaurants.” That probably accounts for most of it; however, other issues accumulatively are affecting consumers’ discretionary dollars that normally would find their way to a meal away from home.
41 Madison

41 Madison Welcomes New Showrooms For October NY Tabletop Show

Debuting at the October 17-20th New York Tabletop Marketâ will be two new showrooms, three newly remodeled and relocated showrooms, and the completed renovation of the 41 Madison lobby, Buyer’s Lounge, and building façade.
manager meetings

7 Steps to Effective Manager Meetings

Do you have manager meetings? I’m not talking about the passing-in-the-hall quick conversations, but actual sit-down meetings where you focus on moving the business forward? If you are having sit-down meetings, are they effective?
Jeff Becker plumbing

Dirty Deeds Done Sustainably

As we transition out of the heat of summer and prepare for the fall season, I would like to share with Total Food Service readers insights about safety, sustainability and savings in a key area of maintenance that is usually handled in a reactive fashion: plumbing.
Willie Degel

Willie Degel: I’m Fed Up

Willie Degel, owner of the Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse, breaks down how he is fed up with how the Restaurant Industry is being attacked and over-regulated...
Healthcare Hospital Dining M. Tucker

M. Tucker Brings Tradition Of Serving B&I Needs To Changing Healthcare Segment

It may have started out in healthcare equipment but the M. Tucker Company has found a way to marry this industry with the food service market, keeping up with the requirements of providing food safety and quality in a market that’s ever changing.
Pizzeria Martina Restaurant Innovation

Pizzeria Martina, New York, NY

TFS's Blueprint takes a look at the new Bobby V’s Restaurant and Sports Bar opening in Stamford, CT which is sure to become a culinary sensation with its relaxed dining atmosphere...
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