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Toast Partners with TripAdvisor

The primary benefit of the Toast TripAdvisor partnership is that Toast customers are able to further enhance their restaurant’s visibility and drive traffic directly to their TripAdvisor listing by signing up for TripAdvisor Ads.

Game Changer

For your information, I offer this thumbnail sketch of the minimum wage history in New York State. The federal minimum wage became law in 1938 and was $.25 an hour. That was 80 years ago, when many industries were exempt.

Vinexpo New York Conference Program Revealed

Vinexpo New York today announced the schedule of conference sessions at its highly anticipated exhibition, to be held at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center March 5-6, 2018. Jointly organized with Diversified Communications, Vinexpo New York is the leading international exhibition for wine and spirits professionals in North America.

Food Temperature Violations: Using Time As A Control

Temperature is a critical violation that is taken seriously by inspectors. Proper temperature is a big deal for good reason. Food that is out of temperature can result in a “B” grade, render food unsafe to eat and lead to closure.

Consistency Is Everything In A Hospitality Operation

Hospitality is as simple as this: Are all aspects of the service provided by each and every team-member happening "for" the guest or "to" the guest? With consistent training, the former should be your experience offering and become the calling card of your operation and remember, every detail counts in the guest’s eye.

Scott Feldman, Founder and President, Two Twelve Management

A 25 plus year veteran of the hospitality and lifestyle industry, Scott Feldman, founder and president of Two Twelve Management, has managing the careers of many significant talents in the epicurean space and executing strategic integrated marketing platforms for consumer brands.

NYC Hospitality Alliance Set To Tackle Key Issues Next Week

At the New York City Hospitality Alliance's 2018 State of the Industry event, we’ll be talking about the political environment for the restaurant industry, current and proposed laws, and what the industry can do to effectively advocate for sensible reform and representation.

Tracking Sales The Right Way

Sales are sales, right? While on the surface the short answer is sales are sales, the long answer is there are gross sales and net sales. So what’s the difference and why does it matter?
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fruit food waste Healthy Food and Beverage Trends

8 Healthy Food and Beverage Trends for 2018

For 6 years, I've accurately predicted the Top 8 Healthy Food and Beverage Trends, and once again I’m here to help you break through the “bull” like a master butcher. In 2018, we’re returning to food basics, so start with your gut and you’ll soon be navigating the aisles like a pro.
hip sip competition battle cocktail bartender

Calling All Bartenders To Participate In The Hip Sip Competition At IRSFNY 2018

The International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of NY and Professional Bartenders Association have teamed up to find the best bartender in the region through the inaugural Hip Sip: Battle of the Modern Bartender competition, taking place on Sunday, March 4, 3:30 - 5:00 pm at the Javits Center in NYC.
Lenox club management

Don’t Let The Harsh Winter Fool You: 2018 Club Season Is Just Around the Corner

I was thinking about lessons learned from last year and some thoughts on trends that we are seeing that could be of value to the club management community as you get ready for the upcoming season.
José Andrés Mentorship

Q&A with José Andrés About The Value of Mentorship & Community in Business

Chef José Andrés' leadership and mentorship has activated a local, committed network with a proven model that can be sustained by local partners and the federal government, with the support of the people of Puerto Rico. Chef Andrés has shown that a job is not just about making money. It’s about serving the community and...

Tripleseat Helps Restaurant and Hotel Event Managers Increase Sales while Streamlining Event Planning Process

Thanks to web applications such as Tripleseat, venue staff and event planners no longer have to undergo onerous routines. Tripleseat is a software company that provides restaurateurs, foodservice specialists and other venues with an easy and convenient way to organize events for their clients.
Bartending Basics

10 Tips For Getting Back To Bartending Basics

One of my favorite ways to show your guest that you actually care about them is to put a glass of water down in front of anyone who sits at your bar. Here are another 10 tips for getting back to bartending basics...

Elimination of Tipped Wage Would Shake Restaurant Industry

The weight of high rents and taxes can be crippling to the business community, in particular the restaurant industry which survives on small profit margins. The unfortunate news is that this climate can get worse, and it may if the Department of Labor makes a determination to eliminate the tipped wage for food service workers later this year.
EBP Supply Solutions

EBP Supply Solutions Launches Celebration of 100th Anniversary

100 years ago, Isidore and Samuel Baum founded a company to serve the paper and janitorial needs of Bridgeport and Fairfield County’s thriving manufacturing hubs. Three generations later, EBP Supply Solutions lives on as one of the Nutmeg State’s true success stories. 
Mary Pat Heftman National Restaurant Association New England Food Show

Mary Pat Heftman, National Restaurant Association

As Executive Vice President, Convention & Strategic Alliances, Mary Pat Heftman has full responsibility for strategic development, execution and promotion of the annual shows of the National Restaurant Association: NRA Show, the largest annual food and beverage trade show in the world, and the New England Food Show.
Geoffrey Zakarian NRA MRA NEFS

Geoffrey Zakarian To Receive The Torch Award At IRFSNY 2018

The TORCH Award, which was created to honor talented chefs for the brilliance of their careers and the impact they have had on the industry and their surrounding community, will be presented on Sunday, March 4 to Geoffrey Zakarian, Chef, Restaurateur, TV Personality and Author.
reduce food waste

3 Unexpected Ways Modern Technology Can Reduce Food Waste

Despite years spent trying to effectively reduce food waste in restaurants, the numbers don’t paint a pretty picture. Throwing away food is throwing away money, and waste at this volume can stack up fast. On average, a restaurant loses 4-10% of its purchased food.
minimum wage

How Will The New Minimum Wage Rollout Affect Metro NY?

Between December 31 and January 1, 2018, new increased minimum wage programs were rolled out in 18 states including New York, as well as in 20 individual cities and counties who’s home states may not have decided to enact a statewide umbrella program.
New York Restaurant Week

The History of New York Restaurant Week

New York Restaurant Week is an event held twice a year in which participating restaurants in New York City offer prix fixe lunches and dinners.
tipping tip credit

Have Your Voice Heard In The Battle to Keep the Tip Credit

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to have no idea how difficult it is to run a profitable restaurant in New York. He has again raised the prospect of eliminating the tip credit in NY...
social engineering

Protect Your Restaurant Against Social Engineering Fraud This Tax Season

This type of fraud, known as social engineering, is where criminals first gather information, then form relationships with key people, and finally execute their plan, often via email.
Third Party Order Apps Davo Sales Tax

Managing Third Party Order Apps: Order Out Of Chaos

Just about every restaurant is using Third Party Order Apps such as GrubHub, Uber Eats and Doordash to attract new customers, increase orders and boost their bottom lines. However these apps can be difficult to manage and have the potential to create costly sales tax liabilities for the business if not managed correctly.
Valentine’s Day

Is Love On Your Menu This Month?

American lovebirds spent nearly $4.5 billion on an evening out around Valentine’s Day, giving restaurant owners yet another opportunity to increase traffic to their restaurant and to offer something special to their guests.
Paul Bocuse

The Most Successful Human Adventure in Modern Cuisine

Obsessed with the sharing and transmission of food, culture, and knowledge, Monsieur Paul Bocuse, 1926-2018, was the first champion of gastronomy recognizable on every continent. Monsieur Paul was the original celebrity chef. Jacques Pepin remarked, “Now the chefs are stars and it’s because of Paul Bocuse.”
Joe Ferri

Pecinka Ferri Father and Son Duo Captures National Honors

MAFSI bestowed top national honors on Joe Ferri, Jr and Joe Ferri at their annual sales seminar in Naples, Florida.
February 2018

February 2018 – Total Food Service Digital Issue

Total Food Service's February 2018 Digital Edition features an exclusive Q&A Interview with Jordan Andino, as well as exclusive news and interviews from the Metro NYC foodservice community.
Jordan Andino Flip Sigi NYC

Jordan Andino Q&A

Celebrity Chef and Owner, Flip Sigi, New York City
recordkeeping tax audit

Want to Avoid a Messy Sales Tax Audit? Good Recordkeeping is the Key

Recordkeeping is essential for any restaurant, but recordkeeping for sales taxes is particularly important because of the consequences of not following the law. If mishandled, sales and use taxes can quickly ruin your business. Good recordkeeping practices are your first line of defense.
Sidell Hospitality

Met Restaurant Group and Stephanie’s Restaurant Group Unite to Create Sidell Hospitality

The sister duo of restauranteurs; Kathy Sidell, of The Met Restaurant Group and Stephanie Sokolove of Stephanie's Restaurant Group will join forces under one umbrella organization, Sidell Hospitality, unifying all restaurants.
U.S. Pastry Competition 2017 IRFSNY 2018 The Great Race

The Great Race Announced As Theme For The 29th Annual U.S. Pastry Competition

Over a dozen finalists will showcase their showpieces inspired by The Great Race at the Javits Center in New York City. The Pastry Chef of the Year will be announced on Sunday, March 4th at 4:00 pm during the trade show, which takes place March 4-6, 2018.
pizza industry pizza entrepreneurs

Competing With The National Pizza Chains

Entrepreneurs in the pizza industry are fearless (well, maybe) and crazy (like a fox), but most of all, these pizza entrepreneurs are relentless in pursuit of their goal. This relentless quality is what makes America great and allows David to compete and sometimes slay Goliath in the in the pizza industry.
Hotelex Shanghai 2018

HOTELEX Shanghai 2018 Brings A Full Sale Catering & Food Service Exhibition

The 27th Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Food Service Expo, also known as Hotelex Shanghai 2018, is seen by many as the "Matchmaking Gateway To The Big League".
restaurant food waste

Zeroing In On Restaurant Food Waste

Reducing your restaurant food waste isn’t just good for the environment, but also for business. Creating less waste can decrease your waste hauling bill, improve employee morale, and retain customers.
POS Advice restaurant cash register online review

In The Age of Online Reviews, This Was Dangerous Thinking!

Your operation’s reputation, online reviews and ultimate success are dependent on providing true value for price paid with paramount customer service. This is what brings customers back again and again, delivers five star reviews and has customers singing your restaurant’s praises. There is no more powerful and cost-effective marketing on the planet.
Roger Sherman Inn

Celebrated Chef Duo Takes Helm of New Canaan’s Roger Sherman Inn

Celebrated Chef Francois Kwaku-Dongo spearheads the reinvention of the Roger Sherman Inn, a historic landmark in New Canaan for nearly a decade. The stunning New England restaurant and 17-room Inn will undergo a significant culinary transformation as it remakes itself for the 21st century.
poor posture

Is Your Poor Posture The Cause Of Remote Sites Of Pain?

Posture plays an important role in overall body health and wellness. Good posture allows for proper balance, function and efficiency in motion. Poor posture can lead to imbalance, dysfunction, inappropriate movement strategies and pain.

Serving the Growing Vegan Minority

In 2014, only 1% of the U.S. population identified themselves as vegan. In a report, titled Top Trends in Prepared Foods in 2017   prepared by a research company GlobalData, veganism has risen 500%. Now 6% of Americans identify as vegan.

Make Your Own Luck With The Right Bowls

Let’s start with how to serve your noodles, grains, and legumes. Your noodles should be served in a deep bowl, and shallower bowls for grains. You want to have enough room in the bowl where you can make and arrange fixings almost like you’re making a zodiac sign.
innovating coffee fest

Coffee Fest Announces Baltimore Debut

Baltimore will be flowing with even more coffee than usual March 16-18, 2018 when Coffee Fest begins. Over 3,500 specialty coffee industry professionals will descend on Baltimore for three days at this trade-only event.
nyc restaurant legislative impact

NYC Hospitality Alliance Puts Cap On Banner Year of Legislative Impact

In 2017 the New York City Hospitality Alliance monitored hundreds of proposed laws impacting the city’s hospitality industry. Here’s a taste of some of 2017 legislative impact with a look towards continuing to raise the bar on behalf of the NYC restaurant and nightlife industry in 2018.
insurance resolutions

Three Insurance Resolutions for 2018

Whether it is personal or professional, there is always room for improvement and change. Starting fresh and making some insurance resolutions to take action to proactively implement the business measures will help you reduce insurance costs, prevent unnecessary claims and will assist overall at the time of your renewal.
inappropriate behavior

There Are So Many Uncontrollables That Can Implode A Restaurant— This Isn’t One of Them

Let me make this easy for everyone – if you as an owner, manager, supervisor or chef allow inappropriate behavior or harassment to happen in the workplace, IT COULD COST YOU EVERYTHING! Wake up!
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