Missy Robbins

Missy Robbins Q&A

Head Chef & Owner, Lilia, Brooklyn, NY
Scott Conant Cellaio

Scott Conant Q&A

Celebrity Chef and Restaurateur
Michael Symon

Michael Symon Q&A

Celebrity Chef and President, Michael Symon Restaurants
Andrew Friedman Chefs, Drugs, And Rock & Roll

Andrew Friedman Q&A

Author, ‘Chefs, Drugs, and Rock & Roll’
Jilly Stephens City Harvest NYC

Jilly Stephens Q&A

Chief Executive Officer, City Harvest, New York City
Jon Taffer Bar Rescue

Jon Taffer Q&A

Entrepreneur, Author, and Host & Producer of TV’s Bar Rescue
Jordan Andino Flip Sigi NYC

Jordan Andino Q&A

Celebrity Chef and Owner, Flip Sigi, New York City
Imperial Dade

Robert & Jason Tillis Q&A

CEO and President, Imperial Dade
Victoria Vega

Victoria Vega Q&A

Vice President of Operations for Unidine’s Corporate Culinary Group, and President, SHFM
Stefanie Kyles Vassilaros & Sons Coffee

Stefanie Kyles Q&A

CEO and President, Vassilaros & Sons Coffee Co.