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3 Unexpected Ways Modern Technology Can Reduce Food Waste

Despite years spent trying to effectively reduce food waste in restaurants, the numbers don’t paint a pretty picture. Throwing away food is throwing away money, and waste at this volume can stack up fast. On average, a restaurant loses 4-10% of its purchased food.

The History of New York Restaurant Week

New York Restaurant Week is an event held twice a year in which participating restaurants in New York City offer prix fixe lunches and dinners.

Have Your Voice Heard In The Battle to Keep the Tip...

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo appears to have no idea how difficult it is to run a profitable restaurant in New York. He has again raised the prospect of eliminating the tip credit in NY...

Protect Your Restaurant Against Social Engineering Fraud This Tax Season

This type of fraud, known as social engineering, is where criminals first gather information, then form relationships with key people, and finally execute their plan, often via email.

Managing Third Party Order Apps: Order Out Of Chaos

Just about every restaurant is using Third Party Order Apps such as GrubHub, Uber Eats and Doordash to attract new customers, increase orders and boost their bottom lines. However these apps can be difficult to manage and have the potential to create costly sales tax liabilities for the business if not managed correctly.

Is Love On Your Menu This Month?

American lovebirds spent nearly $4.5 billion on an evening out around Valentine’s Day, giving restaurant owners yet another opportunity to increase traffic to their restaurant and to offer something special to their guests.

The Most Successful Human Adventure in Modern Cuisine

Obsessed with the sharing and transmission of food, culture, and knowledge, Monsieur Paul Bocuse, 1926-2018, was the first champion of gastronomy recognizable on every continent. Monsieur Paul was the original celebrity chef. Jacques Pepin remarked, “Now the chefs are stars and it’s because of Paul Bocuse.”

Want to Avoid a Messy Sales Tax Audit? Good Recordkeeping is...

Recordkeeping is essential for any restaurant, but recordkeeping for sales taxes is particularly important because of the consequences of not following the law. If mishandled, sales and use taxes can quickly ruin your business. Good recordkeeping practices are your first line of defense.

Competing With The National Pizza Chains

Entrepreneurs in the pizza industry are fearless (well, maybe) and crazy (like a fox), but most of all, these pizza entrepreneurs are relentless in pursuit of their goal. This relentless quality is what makes America great and allows David to compete and sometimes slay Goliath in the in the pizza industry.

Zeroing In On Restaurant Food Waste

Reducing your restaurant food waste isn’t just good for the environment, but also for business. Creating less waste can decrease your waste hauling bill, improve employee morale, and retain customers.