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Restaurant Innovation: Technology at the Table

Creating the next-generation customer experience is always on the minds of the best restauranteurs. For restaurants to evolve, understanding the next generation customer is critical and Manhattan is the hotbed of the new and the emerging.

Is A Restaurant Cash Register All I Need?

For many restaurateurs, a cash register can provide all the sales analysis and cash control needed.

Is Your Website ADA Accessible? Avoiding Costly Liabilities

ADA accessible websites emerge as one of the biggest liabilities so far in 2017. Reaching every potential customer wherever they are is the fundamental goal of any business. So, when a website can’t reach 100% of its target audience, they risk revenue loss.

Triibe: A Marvelous Spirit Welcome To Many Recipes

Triibe is a marvelous, richly textured spirit from Ireland that strives for authenticity of flavor over flash in the glass. It’s a clarified Milk Punch with a pure Irish Malt Whiskey base!

How To Manage A Power Outage In Your Restaurant

Restaurants are fast paced and hectic on a normal day, but add a power outage into the mix and it can cause a lot of problems. They can wipe out your sales and food inventory, shut down your equipment and leave you and your customers plunged into darkness. A restaurant power outage can result in tens of thousands of lost revenue dollars.

How To: Rodent Proof Your Restaurant This Winter

Unlike other pests that come indoors during winter and emerge in spring, a rodent may never leave once inside. As long as they have food, water and a comfy nesting place, rodents may become permanent restaurant patrons.

Made In Brooklyn

The Brooklyn boom is no secret. However, many were surprised when Star Chefs made the move to host their annual International Chefs Congress there just three short years ago.

Background Music in the Restaurant – The Legal Issues

Successful restaurateurs would agree almost unanimously that background music is an essential part of the dining experience.  Given that music is a nearly universal restaurant need...

Fall Means A Fresh Take On Beverage Service

As we get ready to bid adieu to Summer, it’s time to not only think about changes in your beverage menu for what your...

Is Your Restaurant Running You?

Many owners and managers are working 6 or 7 days a week, opening early and closing late. Their restaurants are running them and not the other way around.